Simplicity Multi Use Beds

The SIMPLICITY hospital bed has been engineered to offer use and applications beyond health care.  

Without compromising on quality and strength the product guarantees the user a decent single extra length bed suitable for use in any application - from dormitories to hostels, mines to hospitals, and even homes, there isn’t an application this bed won’t suite.

An innovative, simple solution for multiple applications

  • Designed to be a simple cost-effective solution
  • Easily convertible into a bunk bed at any stage
  • Extremely durable, made from steel not wood 5-year warranty
  • Simple to assemble – bolts together
  • No rickety hinges
  • Flat Pack for efficiency and storage
  • Extra length, using standard bed linen
  • 100% South African (Quick Turnaround)
  • Highly versatile multi use - hostels, dormitories, hospitals
  • 5 year warranty
  • Repurpose


Overall Length: 2100mm

Width: 950mm

Highest Point: 800mm

Mattress Support Height: 450mm

Ideal Mattress Dimension: Single bed extra length

Available Colours


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