Hydraulically Operated Hi / Low Position

Tilting Back Function (Manually Operated with Gas Assistance)

Leg Raise Function (Manually Operated with Gas Assistance)

Strong Collapsible Side Rails

Removable Head & Foot Boards

IV Pole with 4 Mounting Points

4 Independent 125mm Castors, 2 x Braked

Heavy Duty Bumper Wheels

Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal Mattress with Boards additionally Waterproof

Simple Operation

Manual Height Adjustment
1. The bed is raised by pumping the left foot pedal.
2. Lower the bed by gently pressing the right pedal.


It is important to always keep your patients’, as well as your personal safety in mind when operating the bed.

The bed contains moving parts which can become entangled in clothing, or even your hands and feet, so please ensure that you are vigilant when operating the bed.

Always lock the wheel brakes when the bed is stationary. The wheels lock diagonally, so ensure that both ends are locked for complete bed stability.

Pay attention to your surroundings when operating the bed. The bed will function optimally on a clean flat surface.

Do not attempt to alter settings within the mechanism housing. The housing can be accessed for general maintenance and servicing only. Please contact us directly should the bed malfunction in any way and do not attempt to repair the problem yourself.

Cleaning Guidelines

Wipe the bed down using a clean damp cloth and detergent.

The head, foot, mattress base and mechanism housing are constructed from certified anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, waterproof hygiene board. These areas can also be cleaned using a clean damp cloth and general cleaning detergent.



Our unwavering commitment to quality and durability has been a hallmark of the City brand for more than 30 years.



In-house product design and development; office and domestic design and layout.



Invested manufacturing plant with three dedicated factories with a strong company owned logistics network.



Distribution, installations, and full project management.

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